All the work I produce has a purpose and is usually able to be purchased. If you see something you like, connect with me or visit my shop. Exclusivity and uniqueness drive the types of images created and if you are interested in purchasing a piece of your own, they fall under a few different categories.


All of my images are limited to editions of 10.  When you purchase one of my unique prints you will be provided with a Certificate of Authenticity. All the prints that I have for sale can be found in the online shop, you’ll see the quantity left, the prices and the process you need to follow to order.

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Commissioned work

If you are looking for something truly special whether it is a gift for someone close or something for yourself, you have only to ask. I will work collaboratively with you to develop a brief, capture something special and provide a beautiful finished product, ready to hang in whatever setting you desire. If you are interested in commissioning your own piece,  connect with me and we can begin the conversation.

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Corporate Pieces

Corporate environments can often be dull and lacking in inspiration. To drive creativity there must be something to stir the senses. Adding a unique impressionist piece to your business environment could be just the thing you need to soften the workplace and boost creativity. I am seeing more and more businesses look to fine art photography to provide a bit of differentiation in their workplace. You have a few options if this appeals to you, one of my limited edition prints or you could commission your own unique piece. Have a look at the available prints here, or, if you’d like to commission your own corporate piece, contact me.

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About Wendy Roche

Wendy Roche is an Australian impressionist photographer who travels throughout the world capturing images that provoke a deep sense of mystery and mood. Her images of nature, often intertwined with the human form, invoke use of movement, colour and light to mesmerise, move and magnetise. Her mystic images haunt as well as inspire. Often her photographs depict a place of hope, a favourite refuge, or a meditative land. Awesome and powerful, sensual and natural, risky and individual – her style is unique and timeless. Through her lens, we are more human, more in touch with nature, more alert to the possibilities of life and love and living.

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