“You don’t take a photograph. You ask quietly to borrow it” – Unknown

As a passionate photographer, I know that when I capture an image of a beautiful landscape, the ocean or any other beautiful scene, that I am borrowing it from that precise moment in time, and capturing it for all of eternity.

In the act of capturing an image for others to enjoy I believe that balance needs to be achieved via another act that provides equilibrium, and that is giving something back.

In this regard, I have always been driven by philanthropy and supporting great causes. I know it is only a small gesture, but I believe it goes a long way to restoring the balance for all of the photographs I capture for my audience.

I regularly donate to causes such as Ovarian, Prostate, Breast Cancer as well as Care flight.

About Wendy Roche

Wendy Roche is an Australian impressionist photographer who travels throughout the world capturing images that provoke a deep sense of mystery and mood. Her images of nature, often intertwined with the human form, invoke use of movement, colour and light to mesmerise, move and magnetise. Her mystic images haunt as well as inspire.

Often her photographs depict a place of hope, a favourite refuge, or a meditative land. Awesome and powerful, sensual and natural, risky and individual – her style is unique and timeless. Through her lens, we are more human, more in touch with nature, more alert to the possibilities of life and love and living.

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