My Journey

Isn’t it exciting when you can trace the precise moment when you develop a passion for something? Something that stays with you drives you and forms the crux of your identity. For me, it was photography. Capturing images, beautiful images that resonated and reflected a moment in time.

As a child, I was fortunate enough to have parents who had a National Geographic subscription. I’d turn the pages of this publication and consume the vivid imagery and dramatic scenery of distant places. The photographs would leap off the pages, and I felt as if I were right there at that moment in time, it was surreal. At that moment, I knew that photography would become an intrinsic part of my life and something I wanted to share with others.

My father gave me his old Mamiya when I was a teenager. It became a natural extension of my arm, and I would use it take images of around the farm, of different landscapes, different weather and lighting and later, my children.  I loved experimenting and always searched for an opportunity to capture extraordinary moments.

As I invested more and more time into this passion, I took an interest in impressionism. I remember taking part in an impressionist photography workshop and taking a blurry image of several trees. I recalled falling in love with this image. I loved how it resembled a painting. I loved the texture, colour and dreamlike feeling of this image and wanted more!

I loved the idea of capturing images without too much abstract detail. Leaving the viewer to form their own opinions based on their own perceptions. This was over ten years ago.

About Wendy Roche

Wendy Roche is an Australian impressionist photographer who travels throughout the world capturing images that provoke a deep sense of mystery and mood. Her images of nature, often intertwined with the human form, invoke use of movement, colour and light to mesmerise, move and magnetise. Her mystic images haunt as well as inspire.

Often her photographs depict a place of hope, a favourite refuge, or a meditative land. Awesome and powerful, sensual and natural, risky and individual – her style is unique and timeless. Through her lens, we are more human, more in touch with nature, more alert to the possibilities of life and love and living.

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