The world has been blessed with an array of talented photographers that have championed a variety of techniques. As I began exploring, experimenting and fulfilling my passion, I found the photography of Sarah Moon.

As a model, she used to take abstract images of other models while backstage. The images reflected an array of moods, expressions and had such an ethereal nature, it intrigued and inspired me. I found the idea that any person from any walk of life could, with a camera in hand, capture all kind of stories. The more abstract, the better.

For me, seascapes inspire me. I always feel lucky and grateful to live in such a beautiful country that provides the settings for so many of my images.

I love witnessing dramatic light and cloud formations. They make my heart sing!

I wanted to share my journey through my work and inspire people via photography.

About Wendy Roche

Wendy Roche is an Australian impressionist photographer who travels throughout the world capturing images that provoke a deep sense of mystery and mood. Her images of nature, often intertwined with the human form, invoke use of movement, colour and light to mesmerise, move and magnetise. Her mystic images haunt as well as inspire.

Often her photographs depict a place of hope, a favourite refuge, or a meditative land. Awesome and powerful, sensual and natural, risky and individual – her style is unique and timeless. Through her lens, we are more human, more in touch with nature, more alert to the possibilities of life and love and living.

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